ZAYA Moissanite

Welcome to the new home of ZAYA Moissanite, brought to you by J Hollywood Designs.

The ZAYA was formerly known as AMADA Moissanite, read more on the brand name change. We think ZAYA is a bit sexier, anyway.

They are a delicious line of specialty cut colorless moissanite, curated by several well-known industry experts. Look for Old European cut rounds, elongated cushions, delectable long narrow emeralds and ovals, Old Mine cut cushions and more.

ZAYA is available now for purchase on Etsy, although we are still ramping up, adding new jewelry designs, loose stones and such.

And stay tuned, my loves, good things they are a comin’…



We have tons of awesome information over at J Hollywood Designs about moissanite, so do stop by and check it out. We’ll teach you about the cuts, colors, which stones are most diamond-like and much, much more. Oh yeah, go on, click that link, you can’t resist the siren song of moissanite…


What is a ZAYA Moissanite, you ask? ZAYA is a line of custom cut gemstones, all colorless, that will make your heart pound a little bit faster. We have long narrow emerald cuts, elongated cushions (both narrow and wider). Old European Cut rounds, Old Mine Cut cushions, long sexy ovals and radiants, and even rose cut stones. For years moissanite retailers have not been able to cut all of these fun delicious shapes, but now, with the ZAYA, we can. Would you like a 9 carat narrow emerald cut? We got you. How about a pair of 4 ctw rose cut earrings, set in rose gold? Mm-hmm, we have those, too.

Near colorless stones are also available, they are around an I-J in color, which works really well if you are doing a more vintage look and prefer the older cuts like Old European or Old Mine.


Hello sexy!

I know you are dying to know what I’m gonna say next. #FoulMouth Hang in there, we’ll be posting interesting bits soon enough. In the meantime, would you like to see what a ZAYA Moissanite looks like? Mm-hmm, I bet you do. Here is an Old Mine Cut cushion in a video. Old Mine Cuts …


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