What is a ZAYA Moissanite®, you ask? ZAYA is a line of custom cut gemstones that will make your heart pound a little bit faster. We have long narrow emerald cuts, elongated cushions (both narrow and wider). Old European Cut rounds, Old Mine Cut cushions, long sexy ovals and radiants, and even rose cut stones. They are available in white (colorless) as well as some gorgeous colors like green, yellow, teal, grey, blue and black.

For years moissanite retailers have not been able to cut all of these fun delicious shapes, but now, with the ZAYA, we can. Would you like a 9 carat narrow emerald cut? We got you. How about a pair of 4 ctw rose cut earrings, set in rose gold? Mm-hmm, we have those, too.

Near colorless stones are also available, they are G-H-I in color, which works well if you are doing a more vintage look and prefer the older cuts like Old European rounds or Old Mine cut cushions, rose cuts, etc.