50 Shades of Moissanite

I’m backkkkk…I wanted to share with you some of the fabulous colored moissanite that we can source now. We can get any shape or size in all of the colors shown in the pics above and below. For starters, feast your eyes on this delightful pear shape in a medium shade of teal/blue green.

We can also source lab created sapphires that are just spectacular, and they are a bit less expensive than moissanite. Same deal, any shape/any size for those as well. Sapphires paired with colorless moissanite and diamonds is my absolute fav gemstone combo.

Here are photos to show you some of the sexy colors that we can get now, and an enormous (that’s what she said) stabby pear shaped lab grown sapphire at the bottom. It’s 15 carats!

Pic of several colored moissanite in different shapes.
Blue Emerald Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring
Grey Kite Moissanite Ring
Fifteen carat pear shaped lab grown sapphire

Hello sexy!

I know you are dying to know what I’m gonna say next. #FoulMouth Hang in there, we’ll be posting interesting bits soon enough. In the meantime, would you like to see what a ZAYA Moissanite looks like? Mm-hmm, I bet you do. Here is an Old Mine Cut cushion in a video. Old Mine Cuts have few facets than a typical square cushion, and a cut culet (see the dark spot at the bottom?). They have a romantic, old-world feel.